I have spent almost 3 hours to complete this script and test it for couple of sample scenarios during this weekend (31/01/10).  It drops all the objects of the schema and then drops the schema itself. And automatically takes care of all the object dependencies with in the schema by dropping all of them in a specific order that will resolve the dependency issues.


You can download the SP created using the script from here (MS Word Document) or use this Google Doc link to view the script ( Thanks to Elias for the link ).


The stored procedure takes two parameters; the @schemaname and the work test. Use @worktest equal to ‘t’ to print all the drop statements without executing them or specify anything else to execute the drop operations. The default option is ‘w’ i.e. it drops all the objects in the specified schema.

EXEC CleanUpSchema 'MySchema', 't'        -- debug
EXEC CleanupSchema 'MySchema', 'w'        -- work for me

These are the known limitations of the script

  • It can not drop a PK table in the schema with an XML index or Spatial index defined
  • It can not drop the schema which is referred by a XML schema collection

Please let me know if you find any more issues with the script. I will list all of them here for others reference and will fix them to improve it further.


Hope it helps

– Ranjith